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Our Portfolio

Here is a list of some of our investments. Triple Double looks for interesting opportunities with entrepreneurs that can turn dreams into reality. Triple Double has investments in areas ranging from social media to online golf club distribution.

Seed Capital For Interesting Projects

Triple Double

A platform to monetize your social network


Reinventing the way travelers golf

Golf Clubs Away combines an old world business with a new world technology. By streamlining logistics through well placed warehouses and online ordering, GCA allows golfers traveling to leave their clubs behind and utilize ours. GCA offers better clubs delivered directly, so players can use our equipment worry free. The business also has a large division that rents bulk clubs for tournaments directly to the courses.


Apparel & accessories for the aesthetically inclined cannabis user

Female owned construction and project management

PeerThis is a peer to peer marketing platform that brings customer acquisition to the loyalty space. As a platform, PeerThis is unique in its ability to create, administer and track offers. A unique blend of concept and management makes us believe that PeerThis will be succesfull in its goals and cause a paradigm shift in the world of social, local, loyalty.

Stiletto Jane's is a female owned construction and project management firm.  Specializing in commercial projects, SJ is building a brand as a leader for women in construction.  From medical properties to multi-family, SJ prides itself on bringing a female flair to a male dominated industry.  As a minority owned firm, SJ expects to capitalize on larger projects as time goes on.

Marijuanista is redefining apparel and accessories for the cannabis industry.  Geared towards women, Marijuanista blends its unique aesthetic with the needs of female cannabis consumers.

Spin On Media

Foundation Source

Administrator of private charitable foundations

Foundation Source is the back end administrator for many small and midsize private charitable foundations.  The company administers more than $10 billion dollars of assets and has grown to over 200 employees.  Foundation Source sold in early 2020 for over $110 million dollars.

Medical Office Brokers

Representation solely to the Medical office communities

Medical Office Brokers is a licensed real estate firm with a unique focus.  As its name indicates, MOB only services the medical office arena.  Specializing in tenant representation for healthcare professionals and medical office landlords, MOB is uniquely situated to capitalize on a high growth, low competition area.

Oferring a spin on traditional media agencies

Joint Regulations

Spin on Media offers a unique spin on traditional media and media agencies. Spin on Media creates offers for use by daily deal companies, afilliate networks, email and SMS marketers. Spin on also sells via social media and has an active affiliate marketing platform and base. Spin on media blends traditional agency strucure with new age functionality.

Stiletto Jane's

Joint Regulations is a cannabis compliance company specializing in the nursing home, hospital and assisted living arena.  JR is managed by a team of lawyers and doctors, working towards helping the medical industry with its compliance needs.

Compliance for the Medical cannabis community
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