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Triple Double is a Seed Round Venture Capital firm specializing in emerging technologies and platforms. Triple Double believes that good ideas can be enhanced with great people.


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About Us

Triple Double is a boutique Venture Capital firm specializing in seed round financing. TD primarily specializes in technology related companies, with an emphasis on social media,  affiliate marketing, cannabis service companies, blockchain, real estate, financial services and innovative platforms that help organize and monetize fragmented industries.



Contact Us

Like everyone else, we are looking for the next BIG THING. However, we don't preclude it coming from someone young and professionally inexperienced. We believe that passion, hard work and leadership are all skills necessary for success, so we look for entrepreneurs who possess these traits.

Triple Double has invested in an array of different projects over the years. Our current focus is in the technology sector, but we have ventured out in the past. We like companies that create technology platforms that can benefit businesses or industries, even those in a non-technical world.

We are interested in hearing from you. If you like what you see and want to gauge our interest, send an executive summary, a deck and your contact info to us.

Triple Double, A Seed Venture Capital Firm

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